Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review

Microsoft has recently secured a big victory thanks to its highly successful Surface Pro 4, especially after taking so long to pitch the idea of a tablet that can essentially replace an entire laptop computer, but only obtaining a mixed amount of success. This product is one that contains all of the latest processors from Intel, as well as a 12.3 inch screen and tweaks that help with both hardware and software. Despite all of this, the DNA of the previous Surface Pro 3 model does not get changed in any way, which is being viewed as a good thing because this particular product line is more about seeing just how far the concept of a tablet PC with a detachable keyboard can go in being able to refine a more finished product.


Microsoft’s Surface line initially debuted back in 2012. These tablets were, at first, mocked, before then being met with a faint amount of praise. This was due largely in part to the major success of Apple’s iPad tablets that had been released in 2011. The Surface contained many different compromises and quirks that overwhelmed a lot of the design innovations that the tablets contained, such as the fold-out kickstand and snap-on keyboard. Perhaps even more disheartening was the fact that these tablets only offered two different operating system choices: Windows RT and Windows 8.

microsoft surface pro 4


However, all of this is essentially ancient history. The previous Surface Pro 3 model became the main flagship device for Microsoft in terms of touchscreen computing on the Windows operating system, especially for those individuals like my tech expert friend from Johns Creek who really wanted to have a tablet and laptop in one device without feeling like they were being shortchanged. The new Surface Pro 4 is even better, as it contains the brand new Windows 10 operating system. With all of the new improvements that are coming with this device, Microsoft has started to really edge out Apple as the leader in mobile tablet technology. In fact, Apple is now working to mimic Microsoft’s designs to help make their own devices look and work better.


In terms of pricing, the Surface Pro 4 really is not very expensive at all. Even though the starting price of the product is listed at $899, this price is not considered to be very realistic at all; however, at this price, not only do you get the tablet itself (which comes equipped with an Intel Core M3 CPU and 128GB of storage, as well as 4GB of RAM), but you also get a touch stylus for the device as well, which is able to attach to the side of the screen in a magnetic fashion.


The only real issue seen with the Surface Pro 4 involves the rear kickstand, which works very well when used on a tabletop, but not on someone’s lap. This obviously, therefore, makes using this product on your lap a real challenge. However, Microsoft has come up with a solution to this in the form of a product known as the Surface Book, which is billed as the “Ultimate Laptop.” This product takes some of the design cues of the Surface Pro 4 and brings them together into a more traditional notebook that contains a special hinge to prevent it from tipping backward. The Surface Book is definitely great in many respects; however, it also lacks the portability and weight of the Surface Pro 4.


Here are some of the basic specifications of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4:


*12.3 inch screen with 2,736×1,824 pixel touchscreen display

*2.4GHz Intel Core i5-6300U

*8GB RAM Memory

*128MB Intel HD Graphics 520

*256GB SSD Storage

*802.11ac Wireless Bluetooth 4.0

*64-Bit Windows 10 Operating System

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